Scholarship Opportunities Available

- 6/11/2019

Ankin Law Office Military Scholarship (Amount: $1,000 - scholarship/)
Ankin Law Office Disabled Veterans Scholarship (Amount: $1,000 - veterans/)
Keller Law Offices Military Scholarship (Amount: $1,000 - ilitary-scholarship/)
Law Office of Matthew L Sharp Military Scholarship (Amount: $1,000 - ary-scholarship/)
SGK Military Scholarshiip (Amount: $1,000 - itary-Scholarship/)
Jason D. Mills & Associates Union Scholarship (Amount: $1,000 - scholarship/)
Langer & Langer Military Scholarshiip (Amount: $1,000 - litary-scholarship/)
DePaolo & Zadeikis Law Offices Military Scholarship (Amount: $1,000 - litary-scholarship/)

Please keep in mind that the application deadline for all of these
scholarships is July 15th. If you have any questions, feel free to give me a
call during normal business hours. My phone number is (224) 402-8612, Ari

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May 29 Memorial Day Service

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