We are going to host our next Poker Run on Sunday, September 18.  The sign up roster is at the Rusty Rooster bar in Yutan.  You can get more information about the event at the Rusty Rooster.
Here is the planned schedule for those who have signed up:
Sign in at 9:00 AM at the Rusty Rooster.  At 10:00  to 11:00 AM, on September 18, participants will travel to different sites in the area to play.  One or two buses will be provided for those who wish to travel together.  Please take a bus or a non drinking driver with you if you intend to indulge.  The event will finish up at the Yutan Country Club,  where prizes will be awarded and refreshments will be provided.  We plan on holding a Split the Pot raffle there.  The event should end at 5:00 PM.
We are planning to host a spaghetti feed in November on the Veterans Day weekend. More information will be provided in the future.
Two Corn Hole game boards have been provided for our post.  It is something like horseshoes, but it uses bean bags full of corn and target holes.  We would like to host games involving members of the VFW and the Legion.  The games can be played summer or winter, indoors or outdoors.  We are still planning how or when these events will be held.
For more information about any coming events events, please contact Hank Sauer (402) 290-8452.
DATE               TIME                     PLACE                                 WHO          OPPONENT
July 8 - 13                                       Scribner Area Tourney         Juniors         TBA
July 12              7:00                       West Point                            Seniors         West Point
July 16 - 20       TBA                      Creighton State Tourney      Juniors          TBA
July 16              6:00                       Itan Field, Yutan                   Seniors         Wahoo
July 19              7:00                       Itan Field, Yutan                   Seniors         Mt. Michael
July 22 - 27       TBA                      Itan-Area Host                      Seniors         All Yutan games 8:00
July 30 - Aug 3 TBA                      Wisner State Tourney           Seniors          TBA
Seniors Head Coach:  Luke Woster  402-719-6636
Juniors Head Coach:  Brett Scheuler
Assistant:  Scott Kennedy
Assistant:  Dan Jewitt
Assistant:  Boomer Hollst
Legion Baseball 2022